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There are situations where Pokémon or moves behave as if they were typeless, unable to receive {{STAB}} and boosts from [[type-enhancing item]]s or {{cat|type-enhancing Abilities|Abilities}}. This is most commonly possible through effects that make one lose a type, such as {{m|Burn Up}} and {{pm|Roost}}. Typeless Pokémon take regular damage from all moves, and typeless moves deal regular damage against all Pokémon.
{{m|Struggle}} acts typelessly from [[Generation II]] onward. A pure {{type|Fire}} Pokémon that uses {{m|Burn Up}} becomes typeless. The move {{m|Weather Ball}} acts typelessly under [[shadowy aura]], and the move {{m|Revelation Dance}} acts typelessly if used by a typeless user (in which case it does not receive {{STAB}}).
A typeless Pokémon has no types displayed on its battle summary.