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* The [[Lost Item]] that must be returned to the {{OBP|Copycat|character}} in exchange for the [[Magnet Train]] [[Pass]] in [[Generation]]s {{gen|II}} and {{gen|IV}} is implied to be the same Poké Doll given to her to obtain {{TM|31|Mimic}} in Generations {{gen|I}} and {{gen|III}}.
* Due to [[List of glitches in Generation I#Ghost Marowak glitch|a glitch]] in the [[Generation I]] games, Poké Dolls can also be used to bypass the [[Marowak (ghost)|ghost Marowak]] in [[Pokémon Tower]]; this glitch was fixed in [[Generation III]].
* In {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}, when pluralized or prefixed with the {{wp|indefinite article}}, this item's name is rendered with an unaccented 'e' ("Poke Dolls" and "a Poke Doll", respectively). In {{game|Platinum}} and {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, both of these instances are corrected to display with an acute accent, matching how the item's name would normally be rendered.
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