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Pokémon X and Y

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* These Pokémon games are named after the x and y-axes of the {{wp|Cartesian coordinate system}}.<ref>[ Iwata Asks - Pokémon X and Y]</ref>
* Although [[Game Freak]] released Pokémon X for the [[Nintendo 3DS]] in 2013, the tentative title (unconfirmed to be a codename for Crystal) for a game similar to the Japanese version of {{game|Crystal}} with planned support to [[Pokémon Mobile System GB|connect to a mobile phone]] and set for an April 2000 release was also ''Pocket Monsters X'' (ポケットモンスターX), according to multiple sources such as an {{wp|Asahi Shimbun}} news article from December 1999.<ref>[ ネット最前線:ニュース]</ref> The game was postponed until 2001 due to the planned release of the [[Game Boy Advance]].<ref>[ ポケモン情報サイト「palette」過去ログ38 - ポケパレ!]</ref> The article mentions an [[Mobile Game Boy Adapter|adapter]] for linking a [[Game Boy]] to a mobile phone, with the datacenter server used for the feature being hosted by {{wp|Kyocera}} in {{wp|Kyoto}}.
* These are the first [[core series]] games that do not have ''Version'' (or its equivalent in that language) in their Western language names.