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Nuzlocke Challenge

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Optional rules
* Poké Marts may not be used; the only items that may be used are those found in the overworld or given to the player by NPCs.
* The player may not [[Escape|flee]] from battle.
* The Pokémon in the player's collectionmay arenot limiteduse toPokémon above a certain [[level]] limit, which is based on the next [[Gym Leader]]/[[Elite Four]]/{{pkmn|Champion}}'s highest leveled Pokémon. What to do with Pokémon in a player's collection that surpass this limit is up to the player.
* Poké Balls may not be used. Any Pokémon obtained must be either given to the player or hatched from an {{pkmn|Egg}}.
* The {{pkmn|Day Care}} may not be used.