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[[File:And your dreams.png|250px|thumb|...and your dreams!]]
* This is the last episode to air in Japan before the release of [[Pokémon Sword and Shield]].
* This is the first Japanese episode since [[BW060]], 368 episodes agoearlier, to not have a [[Who's That Pokémon?|Dare da?]] segment,; and also the first without any guessing game segment since [[XY078]], 208 episodes agoearlier. The English [[dub]] did not forego a Who’sWho's That Pokémon? segment, however.
* Unlike the final episodes of the first four [[series]], the phrase ''Next Time... A New Beginning!'' is not used; instead, the normal ''To be continued'' is replaced this time with ''...and your dreams!'' This could be a reference to the closing lines of [[Type: Wild]], which are played as the words appear on the screen.
** This is similar to how [[XY140|the final episode]] of the ''[[Pokémon the Series: XY]]'' ended with the phrase "''And to our own way!''".