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===Dub edits===
*The message and themes of the film were changed in the dub. The Japanese version explores ethical themes of existensialism, whereas the Englis version replaces it with an anti-violence message.
* Mewtwo's personality and goal are different between the original version and dub. In the dub, Mewtwo is more boastful about its powers and certain about superiority to Mew and wants to destroy the world with a hurricane it created to get revenge on humanity. In the original version, Mewtwo is instead portrayed as a confused being and, while its motive is still to get revenge on humanity, it is not the destruction of the world by means of the storm, but the actual confrontation between Mewtwo and the Trainers that is its goal, with the storm used as a test that the Trainers had to get through (which was also briefly alluded to in the dub).
* Giovanni was never mentioned by the scientists in the laboratory in the original version, and all the references to him were added in the dub.