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Tauros (Pokémon)

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Tauros is a quadruped, bovine Pokémon. It is covered in light brown fur with a thick, darker brown mane around the neck. It has a rounded muzzle with a dark brown nose, small, triangular eyes, three gray bumps running vertically down its forehead, and a pair of curved, gray horns growsgrow from atop its head. Each of its three black tails has a tuft of fur on the end, and there is a single gray hoof on each foot. Tauros is a male-only species with no female counterpart.
Tauros is a violent, rowdy Pokémon that whips itself into a frenzy using its three tails. It serves as a warning to others that Tauros is about to charge with astonishing speed. Once it starts charging, it is unable to stop or change course until it hits something. It lives and travels in herds on {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Grassland Pokémon|plains and grasslands}}. It will lock horns with others of its kind, and the herd's protector takes pride in its battle-scarred horns. While still ferocious, Tauros are calmer in [[Alola]] than elsewhere, likely due to the region's climate. The practice of riding Tauros is believed to have started in Alola. However, Tauros in Galar are more volatile and don't want to be ridden.
In ''[[EP101|Get Along, Little Pokémon]]'', {{OBP|Ethan|EP101}} used two Tauros to pull his stagecoach as he traverses [[Mandarin Island South]].
In ''[[EP146|Tricks of the Trade]]'' a "Running of the Tauros" event in [[Palmpona]] brought out many Tauros, including one belonging to [[Fernando]], a Trainer who managed to get ten consecutive victories in the tournament. Ash brought his from [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]] for this occasion as well, managing to defeat Fernando.
In ''[[EP166|Two Hits and a Miss]]'', a Trainer's Tauros went out of control. As a result, Ash had to use his {{AP|Bulbasaur}} to stop him.
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