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{{ga|Blue}} and {{ga|Leaf}} are set to appear in the future with sygna suit variants. They will be paired with {{p|Blastoise}} and {{p|Venusaur}} respectively, and both are capable of Mega Evolving. Blue's outfit is blue with a shell marking on the back similar to that of Blastoise's shell. Leaf wears a green outfit with a plant-themed hat, based on Venusaur's {{t|Grass}} typing.
Leftover model data suggests that [[Cynthia]] will appear with a sygna suit in the future. WhileShe heris partnerpartnered iswith unknownher {{p|Kommo-o}}, and her outfit greatlyfeatures resemblesa thescale-like appearancepattern ofthat agreatly {{p|Kommo-o}}resembles her partner Pokémon.
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