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I really don't think you're understanding what I was trying to suggest. You have admitted that everything listed on PokeShipping is debatable - but if it can be debated, that means there is some (deniable and not necessarily real) evidence that Misty is infatuated with Ash. You can't outright state that Misty is not infatuated with Ash; it's very possible she isn't, but it's also very possible that she is. So we cannot claim factually that she is infatuated with him, but we also cannot claim factually that she is not. What we can claim factually is that Serena is undeniably infatuated with him, something that cannot be stated for Misty because it is not clear. Allowing for the possibility that Misty is infatuated with Ash is not anymore shippy than stating that Serena is infatuated with Ash. All I'm asking is that you add one extra word in order to stay as factually accurate as possible without removing what could be considered a good trivia point. [[User:Nutter Butter|Nutter Butter]] ([[User talk:Nutter Butter|talk]]) 20:23, 6 December 2016 (UTC)
:::::::::::::Here's a Japanese scan from a movie guide ([ img]). This section is about the scene where Kasumi reacts to Fleura kissing Satoshi. The headline is self-explanatory, it says ヤキモチ...?!, which is basically "JEALOUSlY...?!" further pronounced using katakana. "When she met Satoshi, Fleura went "Oh well, customs, customs, welcome!" and smooched! At that time, Kasumi was..." followed by some selected quotes from fans on how cute they thought Kasumi's reaction was. There's your official source confirming she's jealous, period. [[User:Fang-tan|Fang-tan]] ([[User talk:Fang-tan|talk]]) 7:50, 17 December 2016 (UTC)
Can we get a picture of her and Ash ? [[User:Jahman|Jahman]] ([[User talk:Jahman|talk]]) 03:04, 25 July 2020 (UTC)