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Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions

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Pokémon: as wrote implied that ponyta was leafgreen only
* {{p|Magnemite}} and {{p|Magneton}} now are {{2t|Electric|Steel}}, as they have been since [[Generation II]]. In the original {{v2|Red and Green|s}} games, they were pure {{type|Electric}}.
* Pokémon retain their Generation II and III [[evolution]]ary lines (e.g. {{p|Golbat}} can evolve into {{p|Crobat}}), but cannot evolve into these new stages until after the player has obtained the [[National Pokédex]]. {{p|Eevee}} is the only exception to this, since {{p|Espeon}} and {{p|Umbreon}} cannot be obtained due to the lack of a clock system in the game, and trading between the other Generation III games is required to obtain them.
* {{p|PonytaMagmar}} (LeafGreen only) and {{p|MagmarPonyta}} (LeafGreen only) have been moved to new locations. Ponyta is now located on One Island's [[Kindle Road]], and Magmar is now at [[Mt. Ember]]. In Generation I, they were both found in the {{ka|Pokémon Mansion}} on [[Cinnabar Island]].
* {{p|Deoxys}} debuts two new forms: Attack Forme (FireRed) and Defense Forme (LeafGreen), which appear exclusively in the respective games.
* Moltres has moved from its original location in {{ka|Victory Road}} to [[Mt. Ember]]. [[Cerulean Cave]], where Mewtwo resides, now requires {{m|Rock Smash}} for navigation, and it cannot be entered until after the post-game mission in the Sevii Islands has been completed.