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Mechanics: You can in RS, and you can't store any items from Gen 4 onward so no need to mention those
==In the core series==
HMs can be used any number of times, and cannot be tossed, sold, or [[held item|held]]. This contrasts to TMs in Generations {{gen|I}} to {{gen|IV}}, in which TMs are single-use items that can be tossed, sold, or held. In [[Generation III]] onward{{game2|FireRed|LeafGreen|Emerald}}, HMs cannot be stored in a [[PC]].
Moves taught by HMs are all [[field move]]s in the games in which they are HMs, but some field moves are not HM moves. Like all field moves, they can be used outside of battle even if the Pokémon has fainted or no {{PP}} in that move (using it in the field does not consume PP). Except for [[Generation V]], specific [[Badge]]s must be obtained by the player before they can use an HM move outside of battle to advance the game's storyline.
In Generation V, Pokémon knowing an HM move cannot be traded via [[infrared]] communications if they are in the player's [[party]], to prevent a player from potentially becoming stuck somewhere that requires an HM move to escape.
In Generation III and IV, if the player attempts to [[Released Pokémon|release]] a Pokémon that is the only Pokémon in their party or PC that knows a certain HM move, it will immediately return. In Generation III, these moves are {{m|Surf}} and {{m|Dive}}. In Generation IV, they are Surf, {{m|Waterfall}}, and {{m|Rock Climb}}, as well as {{m|Fly}} in {{2v2game|HeartGold| and SoulSilver|s}}.
===HMs by generation===