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Goh's Farfetch'd

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In [[JN023]], Farfetch'd was one of the Pokémon that suffered from a lack of food at the [[Cerise Laboratory]]. Although it decided not to eat its leek, the other Pokémon of Goh were seen wanting to eat, which made it run away from the place in a hurry. In the end, Farfetch'd joined the Institute's other Pokémon to help Goh's three {{p|Cascoon}} of [[evolve]] safely.
In [[JN027]], Goh started training Farfetch'd and took it on a trip to the [[Galar]] [[region]] to watch a [[World Coronation Series]] battle. When [[Ash]] and Goh encountered a {{rf|Galarian}} {{AP|Farfetch'd}}, heGoh used Farfetch'd against its regional variant in an attempt to capture it. Despite its best efforts, Farfetch'd was defeated.
In the [[JN028|next episode]], while traveling to Galar, Farfetch'd and Ash and Goh's Pokémon get together to eat at a restaurant. However, when everyone's food starts to disappear, Farfetch'd joins the others to find [[Sobble|the culprit]].
==Personality and characteristics==
As is common in its species, Farfetch'd is quite protective of its leeks.
When Ash captures the {{rf|Galarian}} {{AP|Farfetch'd}}, Goh's Farfetch'd lives on good terms with his regional variant. However, this bond is easily broken, as when their food disappears and the two start fighting each other.