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|desc='''Rose''' (Japanese: '''ローズ''' ''Rose'') is Ritchie's {{p|Taillow}}. When Ritchie, {{Tracey}}, and [[Officer Jenny]] were looking for the missing {{an|Professor Oak}}, Ritchie sent out Rose for help. Tracey commented that {{Ash}} also has a {{AP|Taillow}}, and Ritchie replied that he and Ash tend to catch a lot of the same Pokémon (referring to their {{p|Pikachu}}, {{p|Charmeleon}}, and {{p|Butterfree}}).
In ''[[HS13|Celebi and Joy!]]'', Ritchie uses Rose to defeat the Pokémon of a group of workers who threatened two Nurses Joy alongside Zippo and Sparky.
Rose's known moves are {{m|Gust}}{{tt|*|Taillow cannot legally learn Gust in the games}} and {{m|Double Team}}.}}