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Expedition Base Set (TCG)

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Expedition also introduced an updated card design, which included numerous changes. Firstly, the cards incorporate the Dot Code technology for use with the Nintendo [[e-Reader]]. By using the device, players were able to view Pokédex data about the Pokémon, play a minigame, play various tunes in a [[Construction: Melody Box|Melody Box]], or activate a [[List of TCG cards with hidden attacks|special attack]] for that Pokémon. However, these special attacks were not legal for use in tournament play as few competitors used e-Readers. As well as this, in events by [[Pokémon Organized Play]], electronic devices such as the e-Reader are not allowed on the table. Due to this feature, the left and bottom borders had been increased in size. The card also lacked the Pokémon's species, length, weight, Pokédex entries, and level (Non Holofoil Rare prints contained them), which were stored in the dot code. The illustrator and copyright information swapped position, and the set symbol is moved to the right side of the card number and rarity. Each card has an unique ID number in order for the e-Reader to distinguish each card with the same name in a way other than by level, which is located below the artwork.
Expedition once again featured Reverse Holofoil-holofoil cards, but the design was changed from the "wheel" treatment (which was reminiscent of European fake holofoil designs) to a plain "refractor" Holographicdesign. They are more "official" looking than the ones found in {{TCG|Legendary effectCollection}}. One problem brought to Wizard's attention was that both the Holofoilholofoil and Nonnon-holofoil Holofoil Rarerare cards would have had identical Reverse Holofoilreverse-holofoil counterparts (apart from the card number). Wizards rectified this in Aquapolis and Skyridge by numbering the Holofoilholofoil cards differently and onlynot producing areverse-holofoil Reversefor Holofoil prints of Non Holo Rare cardsthem.
Because of the extra licensing fees Wizards had to pay to use the Dot Code technology, the booster pack size was reduced from 11 to 9. Each booster pack contained 5 Common cards, 2 Uncommon cards, 1 Reverse Holofoil card, and 1 Rare or Rare Holo card.
|image1=E1Expedition Booster Charizardbox.jpg
|caption1=English CharizardBooster PackBox
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|caption2=English Venusaur Pack
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|caption3=English FeraligatrCharizard Pack
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|caption4caption5=English BlastoiseFeraligatr Pack
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|caption5caption6=English BoosterBlastoise BoxPack
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|caption6caption7=Japanese Pack