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Ash's Riolu

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In the anime
In [[JN025]], when Ash traveled to [[Shalour City]] to participate in a Battle Festival to raise his [[World Coronation Series]] rank, Riolu sensed the Aura emanating from [[Korrina's Lucario]] and led Ash and his other Pokémon to it. {{an|Korrina}} took a liking to Riolu and encouraged it to become stronger with Ash. Riolu instantly started admiring to Korrina's Lucario, and it came to the point that when Ash was about to start his battle with Korrina in the Battle Festival, it showed eagerness to battle, but Ash decided to go with his more experienced Pokémon. During and after the battle, even though Lucario had been defeated, Riolu still showed great admiration towards its evolved form.
In [[JN027]], Ash uses Riolu to battle a wild [[Regional Variant|Galarian]] {{p|Farfetch'd}}, despite his little battle experience, Riolu fights bravely against him. Although none of the Pokémon will yield, Riolu ends up winning when Farfetch'd goes to exhaustion.
===Personality and characteristics===