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Goh's Farfetch'd

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Goh caught Farfetch'd while he was participating in a Pokémon Orienteering competition. During the first two attempts to catch it, Farfetch'd deflected the thrown Poké Balls with its leek. Then, Goh faked it out during the third attempt and caught it while its guard was down.
In [[JN023]], Farfetch'd is one of the Pokémon that suffer from a lack of food at the Cerise Institute. Although he decides not to eat his leeks, the other Pokémon of Goh are seen wanting to eat, which makes him run away from the place in a hurry. In the end, Farfetch'd joins the Institute's other Pokémon to help the three Cascoon of Goh evolve safely.
In [[JN027]], Goh starts training Farfetch'd and takes him on a trip to the Galar region. When Ash and Goh encounter a Galarian Farfetch'd, he uses Farfetch'd against his regional variant. Despite his best efforts, Farfetch'd is defeated.