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Pikachu (Pokémon)

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====Trophy information====
=====Classic Mode=====
:''It's safe to say that Pikachu is the most famous and popular of all Pokémon. It has electric pouches in both cheeks; when in danger, it shoots electricity at its enemies. Although Pikachu can evolve into Raichu by exposure to a Thunderstone, many trainers like Pikachu so much that they don't let it evolve.''
=====Adventure Mode=====
:''While its electrical attacks, such as Thunder and Thunder Jolt, are powerful, Pikachu is at its best speeding around the fray and waiting for its chance to strike. You can control the path of Pikachu's two-directional Quick Attack, allowing you to jump twice. Hold down the B Button to charge up Skull Bash.''
=====All-Star Mode=====
:''The angle of the Control Stick controls the direction of Pikachu's Quick Attack. Pikachu will move blindingly fast, and it will also cause damage to any character it runs into. Move the Control Stick during Quick Attack and Pikachu will move in up to two directions. Be sure to check out the ceilings on the level when you use Thunder.''
===[[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]]===
[[Thunder Jolt]]<br>{{tt|電撃|でんげき}}
{{m|Skull Bash}}<br>{{tt|ロケット頭突き|ロケットずつき}}
{{m|Quick Attack}}<br>{{tt|電光石火|でんこうせっか}}
{{m|Volt Tackle}}
====[[wp:Metal Gear|Codec]] information (on Shadow Moses Island)====
====Trophy information====
:''"A [[Species|Mouse Pokémon]]. Its lightning-bolt tail and round cheeks are its trademarks. When danger draws near, it uses tiny electric pouches within its cheeks to discharge electricity. When it's really fired up, it unleashes thunderbolts on its rivals. It's said to recharge when it's [[sleep]]ing. It evolves into {{p|Raichu}}."''
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