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(The Japanese translation is VERY rough. If anyone has a better translation, feel free to add.)
[[File:Masters Red Sygna Charizard artwork.png|thumb|200px|Artwork of {{ga|Red}} wearing his Sygna Suit from the title screen]]
A '''Sygna Suit''' (Japanese: '''マジコス''' ''MagicSerious SuitCosplay'') is a special type of outfit appearing in [[Pokémon Masters]]. The outfits are designed to make a {{pkmn|Trainer}} match the appearance of their partner {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}. According to [[Brock]], sygna suits are designed to give trainers a stronger connection to their Pokémon. Wearing the outfit is said to make the trainer feel as if they have become their Pokémon. Many [[Sync Pair|sync pairs]] on [[Pasio]] involve a trainer wearing a sygna suit to differentiate one sync partner Pokémon from their normal sync partner, and it is possible to scout for these trainers to join the {{DL|Player character|Pokémon Masters|player}}'s team. While the player is able to have both normal and Sygna Suit variations of trainers on their team, they cannot be used in the same battle; for example, one cannot place Brock and {{TP|Brock|Onix}} on the same team as Sygna Suit Brock and {{p|Tyranitar}} for a battle.
Leftover model data suggests that [[Cynthia]] will appear with a sygna suit in the future. While her partner is unknown, her outfit greatly resembles the appearance of a {{p|Kommo-o}}.
==In other languages==
{{langtable|color={{orange color}}|bordercolor={{gold color}}
|zh_cmn=美極套裝 ''{{tt|Měijí Tàozhuāng|Splendid Suit}}''
|zh_yue=美極套裝 ''{{tt|Méihgihk Toujōng|Splendid Suit}}''
|fr=Look Ultime
|it=Costume massimo
|ko=궁극코스 ''{{tt|Gunggeuk Koseu|Ultimate Cosplay}}''
|es=Traje Summum