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===Stow-on-Side Stadium===
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Stow-on-Side Stadium is the town's official [[Gym]]. In Pokémon Sword, it is led by the {{type|Fighting}} [[Type expert|expert]] [[Bea]], while in Pokémon Shield, its leader is the {{type|Ghost}} expert [[Allister]].
Stow-on-Side Stadium is the site at which the fourth installment in the Galar region's [[Galar League|Gym Challenge]] takes place. It is located in the northern part of the town, up the stairs just before the mural. In ''Pokémon Sword'', [[Bea]] is the town's [[Gym Leader]], specializing in {{type|Fighting}} Pokémon. The {{type|Ghost}} specialist [[Allister]] is the Gym Leader in ''Pokémon Shield''. Upon defeating the Gym Leader, the player receives the [[Badge#Galar|Fighting Badge]] in ''Pokémon Sword'' and the [[Badge#Galar|Ghost Badge]] in ''Pokémon Shield''.
===Ancient mural===
* The street lamps here are modeled after {{p|Chandelure}}.
* Stow-on-Side shares similarities with [[Lentimas Town]] in [[Unova]].; Bothboth of them are desert towns a little out of place, surrounded by mountains, and reminiscent of Latin or indigenous populations in North America.
===Name origin===