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Bulbapedia:Blocking policy

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Impartiality: - added the word impartial to the section so it's a little more clear.
Individual staff members are impartial, and are expected to '''not''' be the one to block a user where there is an appearance of a conflict of interest. This could occur, for instance, if a user reverts a staff member's edits. The staffer should not "pull rank" and revert the edit because they have an interest in their wording or version. In this case, a third (neutral) staff member should be asked to adjudicate the dispute and determine what, if any, warnings or blocks should be issued. The staff member is authorized to return an article to a previous state if the user's edit (or revert) brings an article out of compliance with Bulbapedia policies or standards.
Section Heads on the Editorial Board and the Editor in Chief are authorized to make final decisions regarding content and disputes for their own sections.