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Timeline of events in the anime

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* Paul challenges Brandon to a {{pkmn|battle}}, but loses.
* Paul is revealed to have obtained a {{p|Hariyama}}, a {{p|Nidoking}}, and a {{p|Lairon}}.
* Reggie suggests that Paul and Ash should have a battle in [[DP131|10ten days]].
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| style="text-align:center" |''[[DP129|Pillars of Friendship!]]''
* {{Ash}} loses his [[Full Battle]] against {{un|Cameron}} in the quarterfinals, placing him in the Top 8.
* [[Virgil]] defeats Cameron[[Russet]] in the semifinalsquarterfinals, advancing to the finalssemifinals.
* Cameron is revealed to own a {{p|Watchog}}.
* Virgil defeats Cameron in the semifinals, advancing to the finals.
* Virgil defeats [[Dino]] in the finals, winning the [[Vertress Conference]].
* The Vertress Conference ends.