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=====''Pokémon the Series: XY''=====
[[File:Ash XY 4.png|thumb|left|120px|Ash's fifth outfit]]
Ash's outfit possessed some similarities to the outfit worn by {{ga|Calem}} from the games, with some differences. Ash uses a backpack instead of a satchel, like his Best Wishes outfit. The jacket that Calem wears has been shortened into a collared shirt for Ash, and a black undershirt is visible, both worn very much in the same style as {{ga|Red}}'s Generation III outfit. Ash wears red high top sneakers, similar to those worn in ''Pokémon the Series: Black & White'', and darker blue jeans. The backpack is one pocket, colored green with black straps and a white, slanted Poké Ball design on it, similar to previous generations. The gloves are the same as those from his fourth outfit.
Ash's hat continues to sport the rounded Poké Ball design seen in previous generations, and most notably seems to be directly based on Red's Generation III hat; albeit modified to somewhat resemble characteristics of Calem's hat as well. In general, the outfit heavily borrows characteristics from Red and Calem.
This outfit from ''[[M20|I Choose You!]]'', which retells parts of Ash's journey during the earliest episodes of the original series, is nearly identical to his original outfit, with certain parts of its design slightly altered. His hat now bears a logo similar to the one he has on his ''[[Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon]]'' hat, except it is colored green and a part of the upper section is missing, which gives it a similar appearance to the old logo.
His jacket was also given a few changes. It is a different shade of blue, it now has pockets that are horizontal rather than diagonal, the white collar is slightly smaller, the gold trim on the bottom is now just a small stripe, and there is now just a single top button instead of the original two. His shirt is black instead of dark cyan or teal and it isn't tucked into his belt, making the belt not visible. Ash's blue jeans now have cuffs that resemble bracelets. His black and white sneakers are less detailed and lack the red dots. The hat's original logo now appears on his backpack, which looksis similartwo toshades theof onegreen hewith wore inone Kalospocket.
=====''The Power of Us''=====
[[File:Ash M21.png|thumb|left|180px|Ash's outfit in [[M21|''The Power of Us'']]]]
In ''[[M21|The Power of Us]]'', Ash has another new outfit, this time unlike anything seen in the main series. Besides continuing to wear the same hat that he wore in the previous movie, this outfit consists of a light-blue and white jacket with a large red collar, which in turn has a single yellow line across the center and a similarly-colored trim at the bottom of said jacket. His jacket is kept open to reveal a black shirt, looser-fitting than that of his previous outfit. The bottom half has him sporting gray capri shorts with a thin white line coming down both sides, and blue sneakers with orange laces. His usual fingerless gloves are black with a blue line across the cuff. His backpack is dark blue and black with a small Poké Ball design on it and one pocket.