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As Gigantamax Blastoise, it becomes larger. The pupils become white with bright blue sclera. The blue arms, heads, and legs change to light blue. The underside of the shell is now colored dark red. The shell transforms into a battleship-like shell with 31 cannons of different sizes. Sets of twin cannons emerge from hexagon or rectangle-shaped holes within the shell. Several white triangle spots are located on its tail and legs. Three red clouds surround the main cannon.
Gigantamax Blastoise can adapt to any situation using various cannon combinations. It never aims in battle as it prefers to overwhelm its opponent by launching dynamic, powerful torrents from its cannons. The main reason is due to it being unable to do precision shooting. According to one legend, its main cannon is so staggeringly powerful it can blast holes through the mountains. Gigantamax Blastoise can also move its 12 cannons surrounding the main cannon individually to attack in any direction it aligns<ref>https://swordshield.pokemon.com/en-us/expansionpass/pokemon/gigantamax-blastoise/</ref>.
Blastoise is the [[Signature move|only known Pokémon]] capable of using the exclusive [[G-Max Move]] {{m|G-Max Cannonade}}.