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In Pokémon: Twilight Wings
Many Gym Leaders of [[Galar]] have appeared in [[Pokémon: Twilight Wings]]. The first one to appear was [[Bea]], who battles against [[Leon]] in ''[[TW01|Letter]]'' and lost. [[Milo]], [[Nessa]], and [[Allister]] also made cameo appearances at the end of the same episode. ''[[TW02|Training]]'' focused mainly on Bea.
In ''[[TW04|Early-Evening Waves]]'', Nessa's story is told after a defeat in the [[Galar League|Champions Cup]]. [[Raihan]] is also seen on a magazine cover during the episode and [[Marnie]] is seen eating at a [[Battle Café]].
[[Kabu]], [[Gordie]], [[Melony]] and [[Piers]] make a cameo in ''[[TW05|Assistant]]''.