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{{an|Serena}} stored her belongings in a pink Bag with a Poké Ball design on it.
{{an|Clemont}} stored many of his "Clemontic gearGear" inventions inside his black and white Bag. His younger sister {{an|Bonnie}} wore a yellow satchel-style Bag around her shoulder, which {{TP|Clemont|Dedenne}} and later [[Squishy]] rest in.
{{an|Mallow}}'s schoolbag is based on the [[Forage Bag]].
Both of {{an|Lillie}}'s Bags were based on the ones worn by [[Lillie|her game counterpart]].
[[Goh]] has a brown and black bagBag resembling a suitcase. As shown in ''[[JN010|A Test in Paradise!]]'', it has a high capacity to keep his [[Poké Ball]]s.
File:Ash bag XY.png|Ash's Bag in ''[[Pokémon the Series: XY]]''
File:Ash bag SM.png|Ash's Bag in ''[[Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon]]''
File:AshJourneysBag.jpeg|Ash’s Bag in ''[[Pokémon Journeys: the Series]]''
File:Ash bag M20.png|{{OBP|Ash Ketchum|M20|Ash}}'s Bag in ''[[M20|I Choose You!]]''
File:Ash bag M21.jpeg|Ash’s Bag in ''[[M21|The Power of Us]]''