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In ''[[BW047|Crisis from the Underground Up!]]'' and ''[[BW048|Battle For The Underground!]]'', Cilan revealed he had an extensive knowledge of trains, and had once met {{FB|Subway Boss|Emmet}} and {{FB|Subway Boss|Ingo}} at a train convention. He even donned a black conductor's hat similar to Ingo's. Later when Team Rocket had stolen all of the Pokémon at the Pokémon Center, Cilan used his knowledge to become a major asset for Emmet and Ingo and help rescue the stolen Pokémon.
In ''[[BW051|Lost at the Stamp Rally!]]'', Cilan competed in the [[Subway Bosses's Stamp Rally]] for a chance to battle either Ingo or Emmet. He collected all of the stamps except for one, though regardless, the Subway Bosses agreed to have a [[Multi Battle|Tag Battle]] against Cilan and Ash as thanks for saving the Nimbasa Subway network from Team Rocket earlier.
In ''[[BW058|A Call for Brotherly Love!]]'', Cilan was able to meet up with his brother Chili. Chili told him that he came to view the progress of his studying and immediately asked him for a battle to which Cilan accepted. He was able to easily able to defeat [[Chili's Pansear]] with his Pansage which provoked a fight between the High Temp Pokémon and its Trainer. He later learned from Cress that Chili had run away from the Gym because he criticized his battling style. Cilan decided that he would help Chili find his own battle style. While Cress said that Chili needed to not focus on offense so much and focus more on defense, Cilan thought it would be better for him to continue to focus on his offense under the premise of "a good offense is a good defense". He believed that teaching Pansear {{m|Solar Beam}} would be a good way for Pansear to defend itself against {{type|Water}}s and it successfully learned the move with the help of Pansage.
* [[Eindoak Harvest Festival|Harvest Festival Battle Competition]] - {{tt|Unknown|Won 0 amulets}} (''[[M14|Pokémon the Movie: White—Victini and Zekrom, Black—Victini and Reshiram]]'')
* [[Club Battle]] - Top 8 (''[[BW041|The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga Versus Sawk!]]'')
* [[Subway Bosses's Stamp Rally]] - Winner{{tt|*|Erina gave Cilan her only stamp, thus allowing Cilan to win.}} (''[[BW051|Lost at the Stamp Rally!]]'')
* [[Wishing Bell Festival]] - 5th place (''[[BW069|Climbing the Tower of Success!]]'')
* [[Clubsplosion]] - Top 8 (''[[BW072|A Clubsplosion of Excitement!]]'')