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Azalea Gym
The [[Azalea Gym]] is crawling with {{type|Bug}} Pokémon. {{t|Fire}}-, {{t|Flying}}-, and {{type|Rock}} Pokémonattacks all have an advantage when battling insects. The Gym's design includes several {{p|Spinarak}}-like lifts that crawl across planks suspended over large spider webs. At the entrance, take the southwest lift to reach the center platform. Ignore the blue switch here, and take the next lift to the northwest corner. Flip the switch here and take the lift to the west side of the center platform. Flip the red switch and ride the lift to the Gym Leader.
The biggest challenge with [[Bugsy]] is his {{p|Scyther}}. This mantis' high {{stat|Attack}} lets it hit hard with {{m|U-turn}} before switching out. When used after {{m|Leer}}, this move inflicts even greater damage. TheScyther's bestworst defenseweakness is using {{t|Rock}}. Pokémon,If likenone {{p|Geodude}}of andyour {{p|Onix}},Pokémon whichknow takeany littleRock damageattacks, fromthen Scyther'syou blades.can Offensively,use the [[TM39]] canfrom be[[Union usedCave]] to teach {{m|Rock Tomb}}, a strong attackmove that lowers the target's {{stat|Speed}}.