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Trivia: no longer relevant trivia as there are many that fit this description thanks to Isle of Armor
** For [[DP003]], the [[Professor Oak's Big Pokémon Encyclopedia]] featured this senryū: 「ゲットだぜ なげかたいろいろ モンスターボール」 ''"I caught a Pokémon! {{tt|Monster Balls|Poké Balls}} can be thrown in all sorts of ways."''
** For [[BW002]], the [[Professor Oak's Pokémon Live Caster]] featured this senryū: 「あっポケモン モンスターボール わすれずに」 ''"Oh, a Pokémon; don't forget to bring your {{tt|Monster Balls|Poké Balls}}."''
* Only the {{p|Scyther}} family and {{p|Pinsir}} can legitimately be obtained in all of the 27 in-game Poké Ball variants.
* In {{g|Pinball}}, the Poké Balls serve as the balls in the machine; they can be used to capture Pokémon and are upgraded depending on the multiplier bonus at the time.
* In some early artwork for {{game|Red and Green|s}}, Poké Balls are shown on the ground in two pieces while the Pokémon are in battle, rather than in the more familiar hinged form they take now. This may be a carryover from when Pokémon was known as Capsule Monsters, as the Poké Ball sprites in Generation I also do not show the button on the ball. In [[Generation II]], Poké Balls split in half when capturing a Pokémon as part of their animation, while the anime had been using the hinge style since the very first episode.