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|desc={{p|Yanma}} was found injured in the rain by Zachary, when he and his father were walking home. They took it home and nursed it back to health, but when it got better, Yanma became a problem. It couldn't control the sonic aspect of its wings and broke nearly every window in the town, angering the villagers. Mr. Evans, out of options and time, told Zachary he had to return it to the wild, and Zachary had no choice but to agree. He left food in the woods for Yanma to distract it, and Zachary ran off, leaving Yanma behind.
Yanma was then found by Ash and his friends. It stole Ash's hat, but once Ash got his hat back, it flew off. Yanma then tried to look for Zachary when {{TRT}} suddenly found it and trapped it with the intention of using it in one of their evil schemes. They shattered all of the windows in Zachary's hometown and then created their own window company at the same time, profiting immensely off the destruction they caused.