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Zachary Evans

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==In the anime==
{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} met up with Zachary while on their way to [[Ecruteak City]]. When they met him, he was in the middle of some problems. His {{p|Yanma}} would always break the windows of the stores of the town where he lives, by beating its wings. The town was furious by the {{t|Bug}} Pokémon's actions, and [[Mr. Evans]] reluctantly made his son get rid of it. Zachary became upset, remembering that he found it one day during a storm. He released it, but after realizing what he had done, he ran off to find it.
Unfortunately, {{TRT}} found it first, and were using it to break windows. Seeing Yanma with them, the town assumed that Zachary was with them. But he proved them wrong by defeating the trio with his Yanma. The town forgave Zachary, who successfully trained Yanma not to break store windows. Everything then went back to normal.