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[[File:J debut.png|thumb|left|220px|J in her debut]]
Prior to the events of ''[[Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl]]'', J became a Pokémon hunter, and she stole a {{p|Ninetales}}, {{p|Kirlia}}, {{p|Magby}}, {{p|Swampert}}, {{p|Teddiursa}}, and {{p|Relicanth}} and sold them to her clients. She was rewarded a large amount of money. Since then, she was wanted by the [[Officer Jenny]]s in [[Sinnoh]] as a most wanted and deathly dangerous criminal.
J debuted in ''[[DP020|Mutiny in the Bounty!]]'', where she rode on her {{TP|J|Salamence}} to [[Melodi]]'s flower garden, where she planned to steal Melodi's {{p|Gardevoir}}. Despite Gardevoir attempting to escape with {{m|Teleport}}, J found it using her goggles and hit it with a special beam from a device on her arm that turned it into stone. J then made her exit with Melodi's Gardevoir, and {{Ash}} chased after her, demanding that she return Gardevoir to Melodi, but then J went after [[Ash's Pikachu]] since she thought Pikachu would be worth a sizable amount of money. J had her {{p|Drapion}} battle Ash's Pikachu in an attempt to see his moves. After Pikachu used {{m|Volt Tackle}}, J used her {{p|Ariados}} to bind Ash to a rock and then proceeded to steal Pikachu without any trouble.