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{{chap|Ruby & Sapphire}}
==={{chap|Ruby & Sapphire}}===
[[File:Nana Poochyena.png|thumb|left|150px|As a Poochyena]]
Prior to the start of the seriesmanga, Nana was given to {{adv|Ruby}} as a Poochyena as a {{pkmn2|gift}} from his father, [[Norman]]. One day when Ruby was playing with {{adv|Sapphire}} a {{TP|Zinnia|Salamence}} attacked them and Ruby sent out Nana, [[Kiki]], and [[Rara]] to fend it off. The three managed to scare it away, but Ruby got injured in the process, which scared Sapphire. Because of this incident Ruby decided to never battle in front of people again. Before moving to [[Hoenn]], Nana was used by Ruby to win multiple contests in [[Johto]].
Nana first appeared as a Poochyena in ''[[PS181|Creeping Past Cacnea]]'', where she was seen with Ruby on his trip to Hoenn. After running away from home Ruby runs into [[Professor Birch]] being attacked by two {{p|Mightyena}}. Ruby decides to battle the Mightyena, and sends out Nana and has her use {{m|Leer}}. The move does nothing due to Ruby caring only about appearances and the Mightyena pounce on them again, causing Ruby to fall off a cliff.