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Eterna City
Once in [[Eterna City]], you will see that Team Galactic has set up another Headquarters. As usual, you'll be stopping them from their evil work. The building is blocked by small trees, though, so you must first go to the Gym, and battle the Gym Leader, [[Gardenia]]. Before that, go a bit ahead and {{ga|Barry}} will accompany you to the statue around the corner. As you walk up to the statue, you'll see [[Cyrus]] there. Once again, he will make a reference to [[Creation trio|Sinnoh's legends]].
After Barry and Cyrus leave, firstyou'll look carefully around the back of the statue forfind a hidden [[Draco Plate]] just behind the statue. As you head back the way you came, you'll meet [[Cynthia]] who gives you a copy of {{HM|01|Cut}}! Also, talk to the lady in the [[Pokémon Center]] for a [[Pokétch]] app called Friendship Checker which allows you to tell how much the Pokémon in your [[Party]] like you. This is useful when trying to evolve Pokémon that evolve with high [[Friendship]].
Here are some other places you can check out in Eterna City: