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Wyndon Stadium

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In the anime
[[File:Wyndon Stadium TW.png|thumb|250px|Wyndon Stadium in [[Pokémon: Twilight Wings]]]]
===In Pokémon: Twilight Wings===
Wyndon Stadium appeared in ''[[TW01|Letter]]'', where a battle between [[Bea]] and Leon was broadcast. After the battle ended in Leon's victory, [[Chairman Rose]] and [[Oleana]] took a [[Flying Taxi]] found outside the stadium and used it to travel from to a children's hospital.
The stadium briefly reappeared in ''[[TW04|Early-Evening Waves]]'', where [[Nessa]] was confronted by Chairman Rose in the locker room after losing a match against [[Milo]].
The stadium was briefly seen again in ''[[TW05|Assistant]]'', where Chairman Rose and Oleana flew over it in a Flying Taxi while a battle between [[Gordie]] and [[Melony]] was taking place there.