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In ''[[BW086|Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times!]]'', shortly after arriving at {{an|Cynthia}}'s villa in [[Undella Town]], Cilan asked to battle {{an|Dawn}} as he wanted to evaluate a Pokémon that had been raised by a {{pkmn|Coordinator}}. He chose to use his Pansage against [[Dawn's Piplup]], and was surprised to see his strategies being countered and used against him. During the battle, Cilan gave an evaluation of Dawn's [[Friendship|bond]] with Piplup, saying that he could sense that the two were friends by the way Piplup used his [[move]]s. The battle was eventually interrupted by {{an|Meloetta}}.
Cilan entered theIn ''[[PokémonBW090|Jostling Worldfor Tournamentthe Junior Cup!]] in '', Cilan entered the [[BW090|JostlingPokémon forWorld theTournament Junior Cup!]]''. He managed to defeat [[Shepherd]] and [[Horatio]] in the first and second rounds, respectively, assuring his progression to the semifinals. There, he faced off against [[Trip]], using his {{p|Crustle}} against [[Trip's Serperior]]. Despite his efforts, Cilan ended up being defeated and was eliminated from the tournament.
In ''[[BW090BW099|A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team!]]'', Cilan and Ash battled brothers [[Soren and Rocko]] in a Tag Battle and won the match. Afterwards, the brothers began blaming each other for the loss, so Cilan provided a Connoisseur evaluation and concluded that they needed to catch some {{t|Water}} Pokémon. Rocko and Soren soon {{pkmn2|caught}} themselves a {{p|Corphish}} and {{p|Buizel}}, respectively, and immediately started working on new battle combinations.
In ''[[BW123|Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures!]]'', Cilan, Ash, and Iris traveled to the [[Decolore Islands]] as a means to travel to Ash's home in [[Pallet Town]]. The gang was tricked into giving their Poké Balls to Team Rocket, however. Eventually, they got them back by the end of the episode due to {{p|Oshawott}} freeing them.
In ''[[BW125|Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness!]]'', Cilan tried to investigate the person who stole the gem of the gem collector [[Mrs. Ripple]]. He eventually deduced the thief's identity as [[Teaque]], a competitor of Ash in the [[Marine Cup Tournament]].
In ''[[BW134|The Journalist from Another Region!]]'', Cilan and the group met up with [[Alexa]], a journalist from the [[Kalos]] [[region]] visiting the Decolore Islands to research local festivities on the islands, in ''[[BW134|The Journalist from Another Region!]]'', while in [[Harvest Island]]. On the island, the group entered a [[Pokémon Sumo competitionTournament]], which Cilan entered Pansage in. Pansage won in the beginning round, but was eventually defeated. After this, Alexa and the group decided to travel together throughout the rest of their adventures in the Decolore Islands.
When the group arrived in Kanto in ''[[BW141|Best Wishes Until We Meet Again!]]'', Cilan and Iris decided that they will stop traveling with Ash. Cilan decided to travel to [[Johto]] to compete in the [[Old Rod]] Fishing Rally that was being hosted by [[Mr. Briney]] from the [[Hoenn]] region. He also decided to start anew as a Connoisseur. As such, he chose to travel with Iris on the magnet train and then set forth to the competition once in Johto.