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{{p|Regieleki}} and {{p|Regidrago}} are two new members of the [[Legendary titans]] that were introduced in The Crown Tundra. Both were said to have the strongest power of any {{t|Electric}} and {{t|Dragon}} Pokémon. Both were sealed away by ancient people due to how dangerous they were.
====[[Regional form|Galarian]] [[Legendary birds]]====
[[File:144Articuno-Galar.png|thumb|200px|{{p|Articuno|Galarian Articuno}}]]
[[File:145Zapdos-Galar.png|thumb|left|200px|{{p|Zapdos|Galarian Zapdos}}]]
[[File:146Moltres-Galar.png|thumb|left|200px|{{p|Moltres|Galarian Moltres}}]]
In [[The Crown Tundra]], the [[Regional form]]s of the Legendary Birds are introduced. These variant migrate every several decades to a mysterious tree in the [[Crown Tundra]] and appears to fight each other over it.