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Catch rate

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The whole point of this section is that it has no bearing, if it does in Generation VIII, please provide a source
* Any active {{DL|Entralink|Pass Powers}} (in [[Generation V]]), [[O-Powers]] (in [[Generation VI]]), or Rotom Powers (in {{g|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}})
Other factors, such as the Pokémon's [[level]] and encounter rate, have no bearing on its chances of being caught, with the exception of a wild Pokémon's level being higher than yours in Sword / Shield making it harder to catch.
Poké Balls that guarantee capture (the [[Master Ball]] and [[Park Ball]], and any Poké Ball used on [[Kalos Route 2]]{{sup/6|XY}}, {{rt|101|Hoenn}}{{sup/6|ORAS}}, [[Alola Route 1]]{{sup/7|SMUSUM}} prior to the start of the festival in [[Iki Town]], or in the [[Entralink|Entree Forest]]) bypass the catching formula entirely.