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Regieleki (Pokémon)

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Regieleki absorbs electrons in order to stay alive and is said to have the great power of any {{type|Electric}} Pokémon. The insulated equipment on Regieleki cannot conduct electric. It is believed to have been placed there by ancient people in order to restrain its powers due to being tormented by Regieleki<ref></ref>.
Regieleki is the [[Signature move|only known Pokémon]] capable of using the move {{m|Thunder Cage}}.<!--
==In the anime==
===Major appearances===
====By [[Move Tutor|tutoring]]====
===Side game data===-->
====Name origin====-->
==In other languages==-->
{{Other languages|type=Electric|type2=Electric
|ja=レジエレキ ''Rejiereki''|jameaning=
|es=Regieleki|esmeaning=Same as English name
|it=Regieleki|itmeaning=Same as English name
|zh_cmn=雷吉艾勒奇 / 雷吉艾勒奇 ''Léijí'àilèqí''|zh_cmnmeaning=
|zh_yue=雷吉艾勒奇 ''Lèuihgātngaaihlahkkèih''|zh_yuemeaning=}}