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Later, Sōdo and the others arrived in the [[Wild Area]]. While they traveled, Shirudomiria was delivered a package that contained Gym Challenge uniforms for her and Sōdo. When a pair of {{tc|Team Yell Grunt}}s tried to destroy the uniforms, Sōdo and Shirudomiria pushed them into a [[Pokémon Den]], forcing the four to team up in a [[Max Raid Battle]] against the wild {{p|Gurdurr}} that lurked inside. Eventually, the Gurdurr was defeated and caught by Sōdo, but the Grunts' Pokémon were knocked out during the battle, forcing them to flee.
Later, in Motostoke, Sōdo and Shirudomiria were registered for the Gym Challenge. The group encountered [[Sonia]], a researcher and Magnolia's granddaughter. When the trailer car broke down, Magnolia asked everyonethe others to research the geogylphsgeoglyph in [[Turffield]] in her place. AsAlong theythe passedway, throughon {{rt|3|Galar}}, Sōdo and the groupothers met [[Hop]], [[Bede]], and [[Marnie]], a trio of Gym Challengers. They were unable to progress due to a large boulder blocking the entrance to the [[Galar Mine]]. After Shirudomiria and the boulder wasothers moved and the othersboulder and went ahead, Sōdo stayed behind to talk with Bede. Sōdo pointed out that Bede was trying to protect the boulder and speculated his goal was to obtain Wishing Stars that could be found inside the mine. Later, the others watchedgathered asat [[Turffield Stadium]], where they watched Sōdo facedface [[Milo]] in a Gym battle and won. Once Shirudomiria won her match, she, Sōdo, and Marvin prepared to head off to the next Gym in [[Hulbury]].
|img=Soudo Ransun Farfetch'd.png
|img2=Soudo Ransun.png
|epnum=Sword & Shield chapter (Adventures)
|epname=Sword & Shield chapter
|desc={{p|Sirfetch'd|Ransun}} (Japanese: '''ランスン''' ''Ransun'') is Sōdo's first known Pokémon. It has been with Sōdo since it was a {{p|Farfetch'd}}. It was first seen being used to rescue [[Marvin]] from falling off a cliff.
Ransun's known moves are {{m|Meteor Assault}}, {{m|Slam}}, and {{m|Brave Bird}}., and {{m|Brick Break}}{{tt|*|mentioned only}}.<br>
While Dynamaxed, it can use {{m|Max Knuckle}}.}}
===Badges obtained===
[[File:Soudo Gym Badges.png|thumb|230px|Sōdo's [[Galar]] Gym [[Badge]]s]]
* {{Badge|Grass}} ({{chap|Sword & Shield}}[[PASS07]])-->