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Tsareena (Pokémon)

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In the anime
==In the anime==
===In the main series===
====Major appearances====
[[File:Mallow Tsareena.png|thumb|250px|Tsareena in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
===Major==[[Mallow's appearancesTsareena]]=====
====[[Mallow's Tsareena]]====
Tsareena debuted in ''[[SM082|All They Want to Do is Dance Dance!]]'', where {{an|Mallow}}'s Steenee evolved into it immediately after learning {{m|Stomp}} during an encounter with {{TRT}}.
====Minor appearances====
===Pokédex entries===
{{Animedexbody|SM082|Tsareena|Rotom Pokédex|Tsareena, the Fruit Pokémon. A {{t|Grass}} type. Because of its strong legs, Tsareena's kicking moves are powerful. It steps on defeated opponents to accentuate its wins.}}
===In [[Pokémon: Twilight Wings]]===
[[Oleana]]'s Tsareena appeared in ''[[TW05|Assistant]]''.
==In the manga==