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Drenched Bluff: replaced: {{DL|Vitamin|Protein}} → Protein (3)
Outside of Drenched Bluff, your partner reminds you that Spoink's pearl is on the 7th floor. He/She then tells you to be careful as it sounds like a seriously dangerous place. After that, you're told to do your best and you head in. The game now tells you that you and your partner can now hold one item. The game also tells you that the Treasure Bag can also hold 16 items with you and that some items only work if held by a Pokémon. If the game hasn't given them already, it will give many more tips. On the 7th floor, you find Spoink's pearl and return it to the Guild. In the Guild, Spoink thanks you and tells you that the pearl must be on his head. Spoink then rewards your team with a {{DL|Vitamin|[[Protein}}]], a {{DL|Vitamin|[[Calcium}}]], and an {{DL|Vitamin|[[Iron}}]], and 2000 {{tt|Poké|The currency of the Pokémon World}}. Your partner is very excited about the big payroll but Chatot asks him/her to give it to him and explains that the guild shall take most of the Poké and will give only 10% to the team. Your partner is very upset. After that dinner, Chimecho thanks everyone for waiting and tells everyone that she finished making dinner. After dinner, the team goes to bed. At night, your partner asks you if you thought today was hectic because so much happened. Your partner then tells you that he/she is relieved that the mission had succeeded and tells you how disappointing it was how the guild gets 90% of the money. Your partner tells you that what made him/her happy was getting thanked. He/She then goes to sleep.
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