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Rotom finds itself now attached to a lawnmower driven by one of {{an|Lillie}}'s housemaids while she sips tea and is reading outside. When it spots Lillie, it rampages towards her, though she and [[Snowy]] flee in fear. Lillie's butler [[Hobbes]] calls on his {{p|Oricorio}} to perform {{m|Revelation Dance}} to end the pursuit. The {{t|Electric}} attack works, as Rotom exits the lawnmower and enters back into the power system.
Next, Rotom possesses an oven in [[Aina's Kitchen]]. It soon realizes where it is upon seeing {{an|Mallow}} accepting [[MooMooMoomoo Milk]] from {{an|Kiawe}}. Kiawe says it is strange that the restaurant ran out of milk, though Mallow explains they had many orders. She rewards Kiawe with a hot pudding, only to find Rotom's door open automatically. Mallow and {{TP|Mallow|Steenee}} inspect the puddings, only to find that they are still watery and close the door. However, its springs open again, so she closes it again. Rotom moves around to get their attention, though the act only scares Mallow and Steenee out of the kitchen. Kiawe calls out his {{TP|Kiawe|Marowak}} to solve the issue, and it strikes Heat Rotom with its bone. Rotom exits the oven and into {{an|Sophocles}}' fridge. Hoping to get Sophocles and {{TP|Sophocles|Togedemaru}}'s attention, it freezes them solid with its {{m|Blizzard}}. Rotom escapes, just as [[Sophocles's parents|Sophocles' mother]] discovers her son.
Rotom concedes that it must return to the washing machine. Ash also attends the Pokémon Center to notify [[Nurse Joy]] about his Rotom's bizarre nature. Nurse Joy is instantly reminded of her washing machine, which she points to, and the Wash Rotom Pokédex says it is nostalgic. Suddenly, Rotom enters the Center and returns to the washing machine. After the Pokédex details Rotom and its forme changes, Nurse Joy believes her washing machine may have been affected. In its excitement to see Ash again, Wash Rotom sprays a {{m|Hydro Pump}}. Pikachu counters with {{m|Electro Ball}}, though Rotom fills the room with soap suds out of fear, which Ash interprets as an attack. Ash then has Pikachu use its Thunderbolt, and it shocks everyone in the process. Once again, the Rotom exit their devices, knock into each other, and reenter their original devices.