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Cast and crew: Relinking series pages
{{MTR}}'s original voice was '''Rui Luís Brás''', from EP002 until EP093 and was also his VA in the first 4 movies. The role was then given to '''Pedro Carneiro''', who dubbed the character from EP094 until AG092 and from DP001 to DP052. '''Luís Barros''' was the VA in the 8th, [[S09|9th]] seasons and also in ''Pokémon Chronicles''. An '''unknown''' actor gave Meowth the voice in the 7th movie. Since the 11th season the voice has been performed by '''Mário Santos''', who also dubbed the character in all movies starting from the 10th.
{{an|May}}'s original voice actor was an actress known as '''Carla'''. In [[AG109]] she was replaced by '''Isabel Ribas'''. She played her main role until the end of the ''AdvancedPokémon Generationthe Series: Ruby and Sapphire'' series. '''Sara Marques''' voice May in the 7th movie, the only VA to be identified from the movie's voices. In her cameo in the ''[[Pokémon the Series: Diamond &and Pearl series]]'' she was voiced by '''Marta Mota'''.
[[Max]]'s voice was first given to '''Sandra de Castro''', who dubbed the character in the 6th and 7th seasons. '''Raquel Ferreira''' replaced her from AG093 until AG177. An unknown voice actor voiced Max in the 7th movie. Another unknown VA provided the voice in the last 15 ''Advanced Generation'' episodes.