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Flower Gift (Ability)

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====Generation V onward====
Along with its previous effect, Flower Gift now changes {{p|Cherrim}} from Overcast Form to Sunshine Form during [[harsh sunlight]]. If Cherrim loses Flower Gift or Flower Gift is suppressed (such as by {{m|Gastro Acid}}), it will revert to its Overcast Form, unless it was [[Dynamax]]ed at the time; if a Dynamaxed Sunshine Form Cherrim loses Flower Gift, it will remain in Sunshine Form even after it ceases to be Dynamaxed.
{{m|Role Play}} fails if the target has the Ability Flower Gift. {{m|Entrainment}} fails if the user has the Ability Flower Gift. Flower Gift cannot be copied by {{a|Trace}}, {{a|Power of Alchemy}}, or {{a|Receiver}}.
====Generation VIII onward====
A [[Dynamax|Dynamaxed]] Cherrim in Sunshine Form who has its ability changed by an effect such as {{m|Worry Seed}} will remain in Sunshine Form for the duration of the battle, even once the Dynamax expires.
===Outside of battle===