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Pokémon in Latin America

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* Before the premiere of ''[[DP110|Steeling Peace of Mind!]]'' on February 14, 2010, ''[[M08|Lucario and the Mystery of Mew]]'' was re-aired on {{tt|February 10|normal broadcast}} and {{tt|February 11, 2010|rerun}}. This is likely due to the similarity of [[Riley]] and [[Sir Aaron]].
* When ''[[DP112|Cheers on Castaways Isle!]]'' was {{tt|rerun on 3 March 2010|originally aired on 28 February 2010}} on Cartoon Network, the opening theme was ''[[Pokémon Theme]]'' instead of ''[[Battle Cry - (Stand Up!)]]'''. This is also true for the reruns of ''[[DP113|Hold the Phione!]]''{{tt|*|originally aired on 7 March 2010 and reaired on 10 March 2010}} and ''[[DP114|Another One Gabites the Dust!]]''{{tt|*|originally aired on 14 March 2010 and reaired on 17 March 2010}}. Starting from ''[[DP115|Stealing the Conversation!]]'', ''[[Battle Cry - (Stand Up!)]]'' was restored as the opening theme. For these three episodes, the episode titles were also ''not'' announced in Spanish.
* In "[ Choose Your Country!]" from Poké, the only countries in Latin America (at the time) that have external websites are [ Argentina] and [ Chile]. Peru used to have a website as well.
*Season 13 was the first one to be distributed in Latin America and Spain by the same distributor, SDI Media Poland.
**This caused the lyrics of ''[[We Will Carry On!]]'' and ''[[Black and White (song)|Black and White]]'' to be similar with minor or no changes and sung by different performers. Since the first season these have always been different for each dubbing.