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Dark (type)

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* More [[regional form]]s belong to the Dark-type than any other type, with nine.
* Prior to Generation VI, Dark/Ghost Pokémon normally had no weaknesses (excluding {{t|Fighting}} under immunity-negating conditions such as {{m|Foresight}} or {{a|Scrappy}}), as the resistances of the Dark type cover the weaknesses of Ghost, and vice-versa. Introduced in Generation VI, the {{t|Fairy}} type is super effective against Dark and not resisted by Ghost.
* All moves that fail unless used by a certain species or form of Pokémon ({{m|Hyperspace Fury}}, {{m|Dark Void}}, and {{m|Aura Wheel}}) are Dark-type.
* All Dark-type moves are eligible to be used in [[Sky Battle]]s.
* The Dark type was the last type to receive a [[Gym Leader]], only getting simultaneously two in [[Generation VIII]].