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* The first draft of the movie written by Takeshi Shudō had a completely different plot that dealt with the discovery of a dinosaur fossil, which would be brought to life and would go on a rampage through Kanto. This draft was rejected by the producers as being too risky.<ref></ref>
* [[Disputed Pokémon|Some of the Unown]] that appear on Professor Oak's computer have not appeared in any other media. However, since they are just drawings, it is possible that they do not really exist in the [[Pokémon world]], and only exist in the [[Unown Dimension]], if at all.
* This is the only movie that does not feature a new Pokémon.
* This is the only [[original series]] movie not to feature a {{type|Psychic}} [[Legendary Pokémon]] as the main Pokémon. However, in the movie, {{p|Unown}} are explicitly referred to as Legendary Pokémon.
** Also, since the {{p|Entei}} seen in this movie was not a real Pokémon but merely an illusion, this is so far the only movie not to feature an actual legendary Pokémon (acknowledging the fact that in the games, Unown are not considered legendary).