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Meanwhile, in the lab, the power goes out so [[Ren]] heads down to the basement to investigate the cause. He calls out his {{p|Magnemite}} to assist, when they are suddenly ambushed by a {{p|Gengar}}. Ren orders a {{m|Thunder Wave}}, but tangles Magnemite in some cords before lashing them both with a {{m|Night Shade}}. Outside, just as Chloe is saying farewell to her father, Ash and Goh jump scare her. They boys are both excited to show off their new Pokémon, but Chloe reminds them that she still has to get to school. Chloe gets away as [[Ren]] arrives for work, keen to discuss a project with the Professor. Seeing Yamper left alone, Ash turns to Goh, and asks about Chloe's apparent coldness towards Pokémon. Goh replies that she wasn’t always this way, but shrugs it off as different people having different approaches.
RenChrysa and Professor Cerise step into the particularly dark Institute, and are startled by Magnemite who is still entangled in electrical cords. After regaining their composure, Magnemite shows them to Ren, who is lying lifeless on the floor. As Professor Cerise examines his lab assistant, the answer becomes clear when a Gengar moves right through them. Yamper also notices Gengar hovering above, and attacks it instantly. Goh consults his [[Rotom Phone]] for further information, which warns of Gengar's abilities to move between [[dimension]]s and absorb heat from its surrounds. As Gengar uses {{m|Shadow Ball}}, Pikachu combats the attack with an {{m|Iron Tail}}. Gengar resorts to displaying its menacing telekinesis, causing many things in the room to float. Ash has Pikachu use {{m|Thunderbolt}}, causing the floating items to drop and Gengar to disappear after hitting the ground.
Meanwhile, at school, the homeroom teacher asks her students to announce their dreams for the future. While much of the class is chatting away, Chloe isn’t so enthused. After a few moments to consider, the teacher call for someone to go first. She selects {{OBP|Yūto|JN011}} at random, and he admits that his dream is a work in progress, making the class laugh at the open-ended response. Chloe is next, and before she can speak, many of her classmates assume that she is just going to follow her father's footsteps and become a [[Pokémon Professor]]. The class jeer after Chloe admits she only has Yamper and has never battled before. Chloe starts contemplating whether she like or dislikes Pokémon before the homeroom teacher intervenes and calls for the class to stop asking questions.