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'''Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk''' (Japanese: '''オーキドはかせの ポケモンこうざ''' ''{{tt|Dr. Okido's|Prof. Oak's}} Pokémon Lecture'') is a radio show aired on the '''Pokémon Channel''' (Japanese: '''ポケモン チャンネル''' ''Pokémon Channel''). It is hosted by [[Professor Oak]] and [[DJ Mary]]. The show talks about Pokémon and where they are found. At first, Professor Oak was going to turn down the offer of having his own radio show, but Mary's energy and enthusiasm convinced him to host it.
In Generation II, the show can be heard on channel 4.5, during the afternoons; in the mornings, the [[#Pokédex Show|Pokédex Show]] is broadcast instead. In Generation IV, the show can be heard all day on station 2 (top-right). After obtaining the [[National Pokédex]], it also informs the viewers of [[Pokémonmass outbreak|Pokémon swarms]]s. This also includes the ones from Generation II that appeared in a swarm when a Trainer registered into the player's Pokégear contacted the player.
The following Pokémon may be found by listening to Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.