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Professors' aides

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In the main series: how's this?
[[Professor Sycamore]] works with two assistants, [[Sophie]] and [[Cosette]]. The protagonist of the [[Mega Evolution Specials]], [[Alain]], is a former assistant of the Professor. He cut ties with him after allying with [[Lysandre]], believing that he can protect the Professor's reputation. After the [[Team Flare]] crisis, Alain became Sycamore's assistant again.
[[Professor Cerise]] has two assistants, [[Chrysa]] and [[Ren]], along with two assistantresearch fellows, [[Ash Ketchum]] and [[Goh]].
In ''[[M07|Destiny Deoxys]]'', [[Professor Lund]] works with an assistant named [[Yuko]] at his laboratory in [[LaRousse City]].